Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Test Your Patience During Ramadhan

It's the time of the year where muslims all over the world fast for a month. They normally start to fast around 4am and break their fast around 6pm. I am really amaze to see how they can stand from hunger and thirst for such a long hours. I think they are used to it since they are taught to fast since early age. I did tried to fast once and NO NO NO..can't do it! hehe

This is the time as well to test your patience especially for road users! But I don't think this is practise for some road users in Brunei. I still see people driving so fast and trying to get one place to another place in a break neck speed.

Yesterday, I encounter a near miss accident from one irresponsible driver at the roundabout. He enter the wrong lane(outer lane) to get to the right junction is one thing, he even honk me when i try to enter a junction on my left. I was in the outer lane. I just don't understand why he honk me knowing that he was in the wrong lane! That show how some road users still have problem using the roundabout. Once again, here is the right way to use the roundabout. I got this from my previous post.

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Pingko c5 said...

Ai ya Richard... it's such a common thing happening in our roundabout. I also have few near missed accidents in the roundabout. Dunno till when then all road users know the rules of using the roundabout. Why not there is exam on using the roundabout before allowing ppl to drive? Hehe... I am sure there will be lots of failures... haha :p

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