Thursday, 20 September 2007

Moving House

How would you feel if you have to move out of the house after staying there for over 2 decades? That's what will happen to me in a 2 weeks time. My parents decide to move up to bandar and rent the house in KB out to a contractor. The rent is really good though. Then again, who am I to decide, that house belong to my parents and it will be good for them to move to Bandar since all my relatives are in bandar. They won't feel bored :)

It's really sad to see my room to be cleared out and occupied by a total stranger. Sad to think back all the good and bad memories that I have had in that house. I'm sure we will not move in to that house anymore. I'm sure everyone have this sentimental feeling of letting go of something that have been with them for such a long time.

I will be taking leave to help out my parents to pack and move the stuffs to bandar. It's not going to be easy though. Will keep you guys update on it.

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c5_apple said...

Yes, if I were you, for sure I will also feel sad in terms of having many memories in a house that I have been staying for over 2 decades... But what to do... think for your parents too... Now they will feel happier and also you can see them whenever you wanted to.
Don't be sad least you don't need to travel so far again for any family reunion, right? Save time, money for the petrol and you will have more time for friends in Bandar too... Think positively so that you will be able to appreciate more what's in the present.
But to be honest, I also have difficulty in letting go of things which have been with me for a long time... but got to face reality too which sometimes can be quite cruel. Dunno if you agree with me... Anyway, see you soon and take care :p

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