Sunday, 23 September 2007

Moving House Part II

Went back to parents place and help them to packed their stuffs. My mom asked me to packed my stuffs in my room but I told her, there isn't much to packed. But sekali I take out all my stuffs, I just can't believe the things i have in my room!

There were so many things which I can't even remember where I got it from..hehe.. Unfortunately I have to throw away some of the items although it is still good. Sad eh...I even dig out some of my toys like MASK, Centurions, Transformers and few mores..Don't know what I'm gonna do with it. Probably give it to my cousin's children. I just dun have any place to keep it anymore. It's either go into the bin or donate to some other people.

I manage to take few before shots of the house and rooms before it's been cleared out. Am thinking of posting few of the pics but I LEFT THE CAMERA BACK AT MY PARENTS' PLACE!! Urrgghhhh!! Will have it back tomorrow.
Kinda sad to think that I will never stay in that house anymore. 20 years of history in that house.

1 comment:

Pingko c5 said...

Hey, I think it's better to donate your stuff to ppl instead of throwing them away. Sayang wa...
Ya, just let those memories stay with you as long as you are still alive. That's what I usually do to make life better and happier :)

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