Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Father - Job Description

I have been looking for a hilarious job description for a father but unfortunately I can't find any. Instead I found this job description for a father at Radical Living by Seth Barnes.

If you're a teenager, you can easily pick out all the ways in which your father is letting you down. But what does a good father look like? What roles does he fulfill?

Protector - This role encompasses our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual protection. As children we particularly need protection, and we need to have our values, purities, and our honor protected into adulthood. A father not only protects his children from harm, but protects their hearts and minds as well.

Provider - This is perhaps one of our more instinctual roles of a father. A father initially provides necessities. He also creates an environment for growth through love and encouragement. We look to our fathers to provide for us what we may not be able to provide for ourselves while teaching us how to eventually become independent.

Counselor - A father is a guide. He directs his children toward the path in life that promises to fit them best. A father who has his child's best interest in mind will gain the trust of his child as a counselor. This where the "sacred no" and the "sacred yes" come in.

Friend - It is said that a child learns how to interact with others on the lap of a father. We seek a sort of friendship with our father that teaches us what friendship is. A healthy friendship with a father gives us boundaries and helps us understand what is safe and what is not.

Here are a couple of rules of thumb: If your father failed you in any of these roles, then you will be searching to compensate for that deficiency in other relationships.

If your father failed to give you a good model, then you will have to work hard to compensate for that poor modeling as you raise your own children. We tend to do what we've seen modeled.

I personally realised that how our dad and mom have sacrifice so much of their time, money and energy to keep us going, educate us and become to a person that I am now. When I was young, I always get angry and swear behind my parents if I get scold or punish. All I want is fun and freedom. All I think at that time was why are they doing this to me? Why do they hate me and punish me? Am I the black sheep in the family?

As i grew older and when they send me abroad to do my degree, I begin to realise that what my parents did was for my own good. They have save so much just to educate us and hope that we get our degree. They have stop traveling and even stop treating themselves with good stuffs. My dad does 2 jobs just to get extra incomes to pay for our fees. It is not easy to earn money to support 3 of their sons’ education abroad.

And now all of us have graduated and have a job, it's time for Mom and Dad to relax and enjoy life to their fullness.

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