Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Thundery Tuesday!

The weather was so scorching HOT for the past week and finally it rain today! Not only it rained, but thundery and strong wind too!

It started to rain when I was about to leave the office at 12 noon. Drove to Hua Ho to get something and suddenly I heard a loud bang!! I thought someone in their storeroom dropped some huge item on the floor! The girl in the counter was shocked and I sort of giggle to see her reaction. hehe. Then she was told that it is raining very heavy outside! That's the problem working in a closed surrounding! We do not know what's going on outside.

Was in Hua Ho to get a fluorescent bulb. Went to the counter and there was only a lady there paying her stuffs. Expected it to be quick, in fact I waited there for few mintues cos her credit card doesn't work!! So I was assist by other staff to another counter. Short queue..I'm the second in line and in front of me was this foreign lady buying so many stuffs and I was waiting for over 10 minutes and still the lady at the counter punching in the price. Did she win lottery or what?!! Then came another lady staff and bring me to the counter below. But the staffs was so polite and apologise for keeping me waiting. That's a very good example to handle customer.

Anyway, went out of the shop and I was like...the cloud was so dark and was raining so heavy! And the thunder just never stop striking! Scary eh! It keeps striking every few seconds..macam kena gambar! hehe.. Was trying to get a video of the weather but everytime there is lightning, my mobile phone video just stopped. Probably sensitive to lightning? Ah well...manage to snap a photo though.

1 comment:

Apple said...

Ya that day I was also thinking "Wa, finally it rains" Thank God... But then when I heard the non-stop thunder, it was quite scary la...

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