Thursday, 16 August 2007

La Mee Restaurant

Had a wonderful and filling lunch today. Was planning to have lunch with a friend at Selera Alam at Serusop. As I enter the restaurant, I realise that all the tables are labelled with RESERVED. So embarassing to enter and then were asked to leave the restaurant! They should have put a labelled on their door saying FULLY BOOKED. Anyway, we moved to La Mee.

La Mee restaurant wasn't our favourite. The last time we went there, the restaurant were fully packed during lunch and not much choice of food. The service are always slow!

But today is different! The waitress came to us with a book of menu! Hehe... Lots of choice! And the price is reasonably cheap. So I ordered Chicken Chop with rice. Worth $5..PROBABLY $5 or $6 for fried rice. When the food arrived, I was shocked to see the portion of chicken they put on the plate! It's alot! That's what you call, The Price Is Right! Big portion and Cheap!

I enjoyed my food and I can't even finish the food! My friend had Crispy noodles and it looks yummy too. But he is just too stingy to let me have a bit of it. hehe

So I would recommend LA MEE Restaurant to you. They have a new branch at Gadong.

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