Saturday, 11 August 2007

Slippery Weekend

Woke up quite late today since it's a public holiday. I was busy playing with my PS2 till 3am! I feel like continue the game but my brain and eyes say I need my rest. hehe..

My parents stay over at my place for the weekend and it's good waking up in the morning and smell the fresh brewed coffee by my mom. Had "cucur udang" and coffee. Yummyyy... After breakfast, I helped dad fixing our washing machine. Good things my dad is here so he can help out. The problem with our washing machine is that after every washing, there are black pieces of stuffs sticks on our cloths and doesn't know what it is. And last night, our housemaid show me the big pieces of stuffs that came out from the washing. It look like algae!! Yuck!! No wonder our cloths doesn't smells good. And that algae causes so much pain on me! I steps on one of them and I just flew off the floor and slam on the floor! Good thing my bones are strong..hehe..

Me and dad dismantle the washing machine and to our disgust that inside the tumbler is full of that black algae stuffs! Read the washing machine's manual and found out that it is caused by softener and washing liquid. Since we always do cold washing, that's what happen! So we need to flush it with hot water once in awhile to prevent that from happening again! Gosh what a hassle! Anyway, it's all clean now :)

Snap a few pictures of my aquatic pets. I might have to let go of my pets to someone else soon :(

1 comment:

Apple said...

Oh my God, Richard had a fall... I am sure no matter what you will still feel the pain the next few days...
Hey, why you wanna give away your aquatic pets? Do you bear to do that? I am sure you must have a good reason :p

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