Friday, 10 August 2007

I'm Backkkk

Gosh...i have not been updating my blog for over a week! I have been in and out of the country for the last few weeks.

The only time I manage to update my blog when i was at the Singapore Changi Airport. Was in Singapore on 22-23 July 2007 for a training course and then flew to Sydney on 23 July and stayed there till 28 July 2007. Was there for another training! Then flew to Singapore again on 28 July and flew back to Brunei on 29 July 2007. Internet cost in Singapore and Sydney is just too expensive and not worth it as I rarely in my room.

On 5 August 2007, I flew again to Singapore for a seminar. Stayed there for 2 nights. I was so dissapointed with my visit to Singapore. Stayed at Park Royal Hotel @ Beach Road. I stayed there a couple of times and this time I was so disappointed with them. Got in the room and wanted to take my shower and there is no hot water! Called the technician and they say "Just leave the water running for few minutes and the hot water will flow through!" Waited for few minutes and YES I have hot water. Same problem at night and this time I leave water flow for over 10 minutes and no water! Called the technician and the say leave the water running for few minutes! I was like "Do you expect me to do that everytime I need a shower?!" Then I complained to the Manager and he came personally and apologise and assure me that the hot water will be fix by the next morning. Good thing he kept his words!

Requested for morning call and didn't get my morning call at all! Luckily I set the alarm on my mobile phone! Complain to them and all they can say is " We are so sorry Sir!"

Check out time was the time when it trigger my anger! This nice lady entertain me and I query about my bill regarding breakfast charges. She explained it well and I understood when this bloody male staff who entertain my colleague just interrupted and talked to me with an unpleasant tone to me! I just ignore it and don't bother about it. Just before we leave the counter, my colleague make a comment to this bloody male staff and he didnt even bother to acknowledge him! Instead the lady who entertain me answer him! What a rude service!

Me being the unhappy customer, I wrote a complaint email to the hotel! And to my surprise they reply the next day and apologise. For sure, if I see this guy again on my next stay over there, I will surely shout on his face and say "I Don't Like You!"

Wow..I feel better and relieve now after expressing my feeling in here. hehe

Note: Click RCKP Travel Photos to see the photos I took in Sydney.

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Apple said...

Wa so ganas ah you...but it's good that you complained... so that guy better pray that he won't see you on your next stay in that hotel. Lol :p

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