Thursday, 23 August 2007

Not Again!

It was such a lovely day. The weather is just fine....cloudy....and not too hot. It's a bit relaxing in the office today. Time flies without me knowing that it's time for lunch.

On my way to Kiarong for lunch, realise that the cloud look nice with different shade of grey and white colour. So while driving I took a snap of it....SNAP....

Continue driving at a reasonable safe speed, pass the airport, pass the RBA Golf course, then suddenly i have to step on my brake really hard!!! BANG!!! Accident!!

Oh no!! No! No! No!'s not me! It's the car, not far from me, although I almost knock the car in front of me though. He brake so suddenly and I have to step on my brake that my tyres were making screeching noises! Wondering how bad the accident were, so i drove slowly passing the accident scene and I was shocked to see the cars were badly damage and what really shocked me was there were 4 cars involved!! The first car was driven by a lady. The other 3 were a saloon car.

Manage to take a pic of one of the cars....

I think i have to remove my smiley away when I take pictures! He always appear as a reflection and keep smiling no matter what happen..hehe..

Unbelievably, I have seen car accident for the pass 3 days! As I say in my previous post, if this happen everyday, our accident rate will increase and I think the right authorities have to do something about this.

1 comment:

c5_apple said...

Not again! Why you always get the chance to spot accidents? Wa good thing you managed to break on time le..If not... Hmm... I dun wanna mention anything...Hehe :p

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