Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Accident! Accident!! Accident!!!

Let me get this straight!! Most motorist in Brunei are ignorant and selfish! I saw so many motorist just ignore the traffic light, didn't bother to use the right lane at the roundabout. All they think of is themselves and to get to their destination as fast as they can! No matter how fast you drive, it would probably take you a difference of few minutes to get to your destination if you drive in a safe speed.

Extract from Brudirect 18 August 2007:

"In the First half of 2007, 1908 motorists were caught speeding and this is more than those that were caught in the whole of 2005, which had only 1876 offenders...."

"Over 464 motorists were found ignoring red lights while 236 members were found doing illegal U-turns in the first six months of this year. About 52 motorists passed the red light in 2006 and 151 motorists didn't `notice' the no U-turn sign. ..."

"Fatal accidents have always been a major concern for the police especially with over 22 cases reported already during the last six months (from January to June) this year and 24 deaths listed..."

Does this scare off some of the motorist in Brunei? Nooooo...I don't think so! Just this morning, on my way to work I saw 3 accidents...from Beribi to Jalan Muara and both of the accidents happened at the roundabout. Can you imagine how many accidents can happen in Brunei in a day!

I am very concern about the road safety in Brunei..it can be from wreckless motorist to road work safety! I think Brunei should have a proper safety for road work. What really worry me is when there is a road work and their safety signs are placed only at the spot where the work is carried out. There are no proper signage to warn the motorist way before the work site!

There are more cyclist on the road too. Cyclist are the most favourite to get knocked off from the road at night by motorist if they do not have a proper lighting on their bicycle. Do you know that Brunei do have road safety rules for cyclist?! Well, if you don't, below is the cyclist road safety.

"Be Safe On The Road To Keep Others Happy & Safe"

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Apple said...

Oh just knew that there is actually road safety rules for cyclist as well in Brunei... Hehe... Good also la so that all road users can work together to have a better and safer journey :)

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