Friday, 17 August 2007

Friday Friday Friday

It's a relaxing friday. Nothing much happening at work until late afternoon that my boss told us that one of our colleague has been admitted to JPMC hospital cos of complication to his liver. No wonder he look sick few days ago. We will be visiting him tomorrow morning and hope he is doing fine.

I have a birthday party tomorrow and really don't know what to get for my female friend. I always have difficulty getting present for female friends! hehe.. So went round to Hua Ho during lunch time and can't find anything! So finally tonight, I went to yayasan and decide to get her a bag. It's kinda embarassing to go into a female shop. I wonder what they will think of me now!! hahaha. Anyway, got a bag and I do hope she will like it :)

1 comment:

Apple said...

Ya la you thought it's easy to get stuff for female meh...haha... well, most of the time, I also got problem getting stuff for male friends. Sama sama la :p
Hey, Richard, going to female shop to get a bag is ok wa...well, as long as you are not getting undergarments... haha...I am imagining it now... haha...

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