Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's About Time To Say Goodbye

Looking back to my blog dated 27 September 2008, I mentioned about my parrot fish and Oscar fish that have died and I left with 2 Oscar fish. Ever since the death of the fish, the 2 Oscar fish that live acted differently. They are not as active as before. I presume they are just like human who feel sad and mellow after their close ones passed on.

A few weeks after the death of my fish, one of the Oscar look weak and basically just stay at the bottom of the aquarium and do very minimal movement. The other Oscar is ok but not as active. 2 days ago, the Oscar that just stayed at the bottom of the aquarium is getting weaker!! It will stay up for a bit and then lie down.

I'm not sure how long will it live...I have put some medication in the water and hope it will get better's time to say goodbye...

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