Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009 Everyone

We have been waiting for the new year to arrive and now it is here! Today is already the second day of 2009 and in a few days time, I will be back to work again. I am hoping that this year will bring me more confident to myself, work and anything that I do.

It was a quiet new year celebration for me. Knowing my parents will be celebrating alone this year, so I decide to accompany them. I brought them for dinner at Golden Leaf. Quite surprisingly there aren't many people in there. So I let my parents to order the food as I am hopeless in ordering chinese food.

The food arrived and as usual, I have my mom to rate the food. The food wasn't really that good. I agree with my mom rating this time. The taste of the food was quite plain but we still finish the food..hehehe...

After dinner, we went home and watch the 'LIVE' telecast of the chinese singing competition in Taiwan and did the countdown at home with my parents and my eldest brother and his wife who return home after a wedding dinner. Somehow I feel that this year is really quiet and a quiet start of the new year.

Although I celebrated New Year with parents this year, but I did a Pre-New Year celebration with two of my closest friends..and also belated birthday makan makan for me and my friend. We had grilled food and one of my friends were in the kitchen doing some mushroom and vegetable :) Taste good.


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c5_apple said...

HaPpY NeW YeAr Richard! See you soon :)

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