Saturday, 10 January 2009

Weird People Weird Weather Weird Lifestyle

I was hoping that I will have a good start of the New Year with my new resolution and so on! It turn out that i Still have a good start of the year...hehehe... despite the weird thing that have happen to me from 010109. Let me list down some of the weird thing....

1. Weird People (Let's call this person 'X')
Sometimes when you thought that you really know that person, please do follow your instinct!! What you thought is true!

I have a friend whom I chatted with me quite often. We swear and talk rudely at each other for fun like no other people business...hehehe... Knowing that we like to chat in a funny way, at time X will make a statement why do I chat so rudely. It can get very confusing sometimes! Well, I told X that I can be polite and you wont like it! Sometimes the chat causes "argument". So when I ask "Why u sound so angry"..and then the answer is always "....where got angry!.." which in the actual fact X is angry but in denial!! And sometimes X make some statement which really irritating and disgusting! When I told X off, X starts to get angry! Very Weird.....

2. Weird Weather
The weather wasn't that good since the start of the New Year. It have been raining for almost everyday! Flood everywhere! Accident Everywhere!! In the recent news, there are over 50 car accident for just the first week of 2009!

Last night, I was out and about with friends. The weather seems fine. Was walking and the next thing I know, it start pouring and very strong wind! I think the weather in Brunei and other countries in this region is unpredictable! It will rain whenever it wants!

3. Weird Lifestyle
Do you realise that the teenagers and youngster nowadays are getting more daring when it comes to clothing and hairstyle! I was shocked and can't believe my eyes that I come across youngster wearing a Gothic costume and walk around town!

And I saw this person walking around with a winter scarf around his neck in Brunei in a hot day!! C'mon, this is Brunei! You don't need that! If it's a it sensibly and don't make yourself look stupid!

I have seen guys with Mohawk hairstyle but this year itself I saw more guys with Mohawk hairstyle walking around town! Why do their parents allow their son to have such hairstyle? We are from the Asian Country...Act and Behave like one! Don't bring those unwanted western style over and encourage the younger generation to follow it!

People change, Country developed and few other things that will change in our lifetime but please do change in a good way. We have seen so much things happen to other countries and we should be glad that we are living in a country call Brunei Darussalam.

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