Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Kiong Hee Huat Chai

Chinese New Year is here!! We welcome the year of Ox, Cow, Niu, Goo, Lembu..whatever and however you want to call it and we say good bye to the sneaky Rat!

We didn't have a good start of 2009 where we face heavy rain, flood, so many accident in January, 2 death from the horrifying flood...so I hope and pray that, with the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of OX, things will be better and improve.

In Chinese believes that, in every Chinese New Year one must wear new cloths, shoes and so on...welll..if u are thinking of wearing new underwear, by all mean...hehehe...BUT there is always a last minute thing that we need to do..or should I say ME!!!

There were few last minute things I did before Chinese New Year! Two days before CNY, I went around Brunei town to look for new trousers and shoes! I think I am quite choosy when it comes to clothing. I was in Singapore last month and didn't get any cos it's too expensive! And I was in Miri 2 weeks before Chinese New Year and I didn't get any new trousers or shoes! I normally get all my stuffs well ready before CNY...Prob this OX year wants me to teach me a lesson by not doing things in the last minute and make me work hard to look for the stuffs I want. I manage to get only one pair of jeans and a pair of new shoe at BATA!

On the nite of Chinese New Year's eve, we pray at 12am and then head off to the Chinese Temple at Muara. There are quite a few people there but I'm sure there were more people at the Temple at Bandar.. I did take a few photo of the activities on Chinese New Year's eve and on 1st day of CNY...I will upload it in a bit...just be patient....hehe

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