Saturday, 3 January 2009

Earliest Blog Ever

This is the first time in my blogging life that I blog so early in the morning. I actually got up at 6am and get ready to send my parents to the airport as they are off to Singapore to join the Star Cruise for 5 days.

Now, i just finish my breakfast and feel so lonely at my parents' place now. So quiet....hehehe.... BUT it's the best time to sleep without any interruption by anyone..hehe

Tonite, i will be off to a chinese restaurant for a "quack quack" dinner. My friend from KB is treating us and she is so tempted to eat duck! So I have two places in my mind....not sure which one to go yet!

After dinner we are planning to go for Karaoke ^_^ have been so many months that I have been to a karaoke place. I used to go to my favourite karaoke place but eversince they changed the DJ, I stop going there as i don't really like the 'NEW' DJ.

Anyway..going to continue my sleep now......

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