Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Weird? It's Getting Weirder!!

Like what I say in my previous post that people, weather and the lifestyle is getting weird! Last night, I experience the weirdest and see the most scary sight that I have ever seen!

As most of you know, the weather was really bad last nite. It was raining when I leave the house at 8 ish and thinking that the rain will stop soon. Went to Yayasan, the rain get heavier. Later went for supper with friends at Qlap and it was still raining! After supper, I decide to go home knowing that the rain getting heavier and don't see that it will stop!

Normally I will drive along the Kiulap-Gadong roundabout to go home, but last night I decide to drive along Jalan Gadong to go home. While driving, I enjoy driving pass the pool of water on the road and see the water splashing clearing the dirt on my car! But as soon as I got near to the Gadong Police Station, I did not like what I see! The road was flooded and cars stopped in front a big pool of water. The road was flooded and I can see water gushing out from the Police Station main gate! I stayed there for almost 10 mins when the car in front decide to drive through the flood! After that, I drove through the flood and a 4-wheel-drive car from the opposite side drove through the flood quite fast and I can see the wave made by that car coming towards me and splash on my car! I was so worried that my car will stop and luckily it didn't!

After passing through that horrified flood, I thought the nightmare is I drove towards Jln Beribi, a long queue of cars stopped along the road! I was like..."OH MY GOD..Not another one!!!" I was stuck on the road for almost 3 hours and as cars started to move and I get closer to my place, I saw the road was flooded and on my left side, I saw cars that parked along the road was covered with water!! I managed to snap some photos but not a good one..At least you can get an idea how deep it is.

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