Monday, 25 June 2007

Tiring But Fun Day Out - Part III - Temburong - Belalong

My final trip for this project has finally ended!

The last trip was heading to Temburong, Belalong UBD Study Field Centre. We left around 8.30am to catch the boat (Flying Coffin) from BSB Jetty. The weather was so bad! It was raining so heavy and the sky is totally dark! I was so worried that I might have to cancel the trip. The journey took about 30-35 mins to reach Temburong jetty and was so relieve that the rain stopped!

We were greet by the contractor's driver. It took another 20 mins drive from the jetty to the meeting point at Batang Duri. The boat were ready when we arrive at Batang Duri and was greeted Janting (local guy there). I think he is Iban. He have been transporting us to Belalong eversince the project started. So he is no stranger to us. His wife will normally join us for the trip.

Boat ride to Belalong take another 30mins. Good thing the weather is cloudy or else we will be roasted by the sun! There is no roof on this long boat (temuai). The water is kinda rough as it has been raining. It will be fun for rafting though..hehe..

As we reach Belalong, we went up to the station. Have a quick check and walk back to the boat. The total trip took about 2 hours and the inspection only last for 3 mins! What a life! We snap few more pictures on the way back to Bangar. Had our lunch at one of our favourite restaurant. Bear in mind, there are no big malls or shopping complex here! Just a few stretch row of shops! That's it.

FYI, Temburong is popular for it's virgin jungle, clear river (when there's no heavy rainfall), canopy walk and few more attractive places. Goto

Hope to post more of my journey around Brunei and let's get to know Brunei more. Brunei may be a quiet country but there are lots of places where we have not been to...and that's why Brunei is called "Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures"

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Pingko said...

Glad you had a fun trip... Looking forward to know more of our Kingdom of the Unexpected Treasures :)

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