Monday, 2 July 2007

Ann & Murda Wedding - 1 July 2007

Attended a my close friend's wedding yesterday. Arrived there at 11.05 am. Me being a punctual person always face the consequences of getting burn under the hot Sunday morning! I knew this will happen! I can feel my sweats trickling down from my neck to my bottom! Seriously, I know no one there! Most of them are the elderly, so I have to sit at the end of the camp on my own, holding my camera and waiting to snap some photos.

Around 11.30 am, 3 ladies that I know and whom promised that they will be there at 11.00 am finally turned up with their innocent face! They are just never on time! WHY?!!

Around 12 pm, the bride's parents and relatives goes around the camp and greet their guest. Doa was read before the food was serve. We had beef rendang, chicken kurma, mixed vegetable, white rice and also nasi kuning (yellow rice). I was too busy eating and didn’t even bother to snap pictures of the food.

Later, we walk towards the bride's house and waited anxiously for the bride and groom to come down. When I saw them, I say to myself "This is an unusual Malay Wedding!" The groom has his white army uniform and the bride is wearing a beautiful white wedding gown. Normally the Malay groom and bride will wear their traditional wedding dress..but this one is kinda modern... Knowing Ann, anything can happen. She looks beautiful :)

I have known Ann for over a decade now and really happy to see that she is settling down now.

I can write alot in here about the wedding but just look through the photos and it says it all.....ENJOY!!


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