Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Pelangi On Stage @ Jubilee Park

I was out to the Jubilee Park last night to watch Pelangi On-Stage Concert in conjunction of the Royal Wedding between Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah and YAM Pengiran Anak Khairul Khalil bin Pengiran Syed Haji Jaafari.

It's the only time like this where you can see people of Brunei are out and about Brunei town, bringing their children, boyfriends and girlfriends, teens with their weird hairdo..basically we can see all sort of people (including tourists) but the most important thing is that we enjoy the festivity!

Weather wasn't that good last night but we still manage to watch the concert. It was an entertaining concert. Lots of singing, quizes, comedy and lots more...I manage to snap few pics during the show but was so irritated with these two girls. I was so happy to have found a small open area where I can take pictures without any distraction when they suddenly stand right in front of me ignoring whether I have my camera or not! For goodness sake, I have my camera on my tripod!! Are they blind or what?! Later, I shifted to another location...and guess what!! These two girls followed and AGAIN stand in front of me! I felt like hitting their dumb head using my camera! It was so annoying!!

Anyway, I manage to take few pictures! Not a good one, but good enough to see what was happening last night :) We didn’t stay till the end of the show cos the ladies that were with me can't stand up for too long! Why am I not surprise! Getting out of the stage area is damn difficult! It's like queuing to enter the amusement park! So I got off the walkway and walk on the muddy ground. At least I am away from smelling sweaty bodies and all those alienated smells!! Urrrggghhhhhh...

We enjoy the night and Congrates to Pelangi FM for successfully running another Pelangi On-Stage Concert.
To view more of the pictures taken, you can either here or click RCKP's Activites Photos on my favourite link

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