Monday, 11 June 2007

Puppy with blue eyes

Had a lovely weekend with my parents. It's nice to be back home at my parents. We had advanced Father's Day celebration cos I will be away next week and dad have to attend a wedding reception. So decide to do it yesterday. The food was not good! The fish is overcooked, the fried chicken is overly dry and hard and it's overly priced! Anyway, it's not a big deal. As long as we enjoy the gathering, chit chatting, make the lunch worth while.

After lunch we went to my younger bro's place to taste his bread pudding which he make the day before! And he say it doesn't taste good and expect us to finish it off for him...hehehe...

Have u ever see puppy with blue eyes? Well, my bro do have one and it's my first time to see such a beautiful puppy! The puppy's eyes are blue and have a golden brown fur. So cute...

Too bad my sis don't allow me to keep pet in the house, otherwise i would have snatch one from my bro..hehe

1 comment:

Pingko said...

The puppy is really really cute la... Nvm since your sis don't allow you to keep, I will keep one for you...Haha...Ya as if my parents will allow :p

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