Monday, 4 June 2007

Royal Wedding Festivity

Went out last nite with few friends to the capital to enjoy the activities, night market and lots of stuffs happening in the capital in conjunction of the Royal Wedding on 10 June 2007.

We actually bought the ticket to watch Pirates of the Carribean. Since it's still early, we went to de Royalle Cafe (our favourite cafe) to have our dinner before the show start at 10.15pm.

While sitting down, we saw people passing by. Some kids running around. Kids crying wanted to buy toys but the parents refuse to get it. That's typical of kids! Unlike my time...i hardly get any toys! All I have is gravel and marbles! Not forgetting rubber band ^_^ ...You can do lots of things with rubber band ^_^.
You can only see lots of people around the capital at night when there is festivity like Sultan's Birthday. This is the only time the Capital become lively!

The movie is over 2.5 hours! It's a good movie but it's not good for sleepy some of my friends who snores in the middle of the movie!! When they woke up, they will ask, eh...what happen to Will!! What hapen to jack! How come Elizabeth become the Captain..bla bla bla... Can be annoying though...hehehe..Overall rating for the movie 8/10.

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