Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Wet Tuesday Lunch

The weather in Brunei is getting funny! It will be hot and sunny int he morning and after a few hours later, you can see all the dark clouds covering the sky! Little do you know, it will rain and rain!
It was cloudy before I leave for lunch and half way driving to my lunch destination...the roads are wet! And you can see that one side of the road is dry and the other side is wet! Funny eh! That's what they say, it's the act of GOD!
Normally if i'm having lunch alone, I will either go to Ayamku, Jolibee or Ideal. Damn! These places make my tummy grumble! Finally I decide to have my lunch at Jolibee! Seriously, Jolibee's food are getting better! I love the fries! It's crispy and hot! Unlike some fast food restaurant, they serve you left over fries or cold fries!! Idiot!
I ordered Crispy Chicken Burger value meal. Friendly service. That's what we want in Brunei! Friendly cashier, shop assistant and waiter!

Met a friend there which I have not seen for over 5 years now! The last time I met him was in 2001, when i was still in Liverpool! Unbelievable that time pass us by so fast! And his body size also double up from the last time I saw him..hehe...
I enjoyed my lunch and feel sleepy right now after that nice meal.

1 comment:

Pingko said...

So kesian having lunch alone... next time if you need companion, just give me a call la.. Will join u if I am not working :)

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