Saturday, 16 June 2007

Good Bye Old Tyre

It's the time of the car life where your car need some pampering with new tyres! Lately my steering wheel starts to wobbles when i I suspect either the tyres are not balance or something else. When I check my tyres, the front left tyre is bald!!The tyre thread is 90% gone! And I didn't even realise that! dangerous can that be!

So I went to Sin Hup Huat at Lambak to get it changed. I have to changed both my front tyres. $200+ each! So..have it changed and fill with Nitrogen gas. Went for tyre alignment and the mechanic came to me and told me that it need to camber my tyre and that's the reason why the it wear my left tyre! That cost me $$$ again! In the end, I have to pay $570. There's goes for my saving for a new mobile phone..hehe..

Ah well..better get it done than sorry.

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