Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Tiring But Fun Day Out - Bukit Teraja

It's been awhile since I hike at Bukit Teraja! The last time I was there was last year. Tell you the truth, I almost turn back and give up on hiking..it was so steep and lots of mosquitoes! hehe

Today, I went with 5 others whom are my clients. The purpose of us climbing Bukit Teraja is to do an inspection on the Rainfall Station that was built under my project.

We were at the foot of Bukit Teraja around 10.30am and start moving at 11:00pm. The weather was fine. Not too hot and cloudy. I feel more relax hiking this time..I think it's because of my regular climb at Tasek Lama's hill. On the way up, we saw many nice stuffs and it's usually good to climb with someone who knows about the jungle. One of my client showed me a tree where the original "Kemayan" came from. It look like ordinary tree but once you burn the clear dried liquid, it does smell of kemayan.

Then about 30mins of climbing, my other clients showed me a toad in between the tree bark! I was so amazed about it as the colour of the frog is almost like the tree bark! Camouflage! Can't stop helping myself taking pictures of it but then was told it's a poisonous toad....then i just move myself away immediately..hehe

We reach to the top of the hill about 1.5 hours later. Wander around and took some pictures as well...nice scenery.

To those who love adventurous climb, please do try Bukit Teraja. Took about 30-40 mins drive in from the main road of Sungai Liang.


c5_apple said...

Richard, if got the chance, must bring me to Bukit Teraja one day... Love to have an adventurous climb to release stress...well, something different from our usual Tasek's climb, right? Hehe... :p

Richard said...

sure...no problem. U provide the transportation and we can go there :) The more the merrier

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