Monday, 28 September 2009

Blogging In The Dark

This is the first time I blog in the dark..hehehe...

I was in Qlap around 6 to have my foot reflexology. Its my monthly thing :) Then I went to HSBC to withdraw $$$ to pay off my other credit card bills. Went to Baiduri @ Qlap. Slot the the resit and power supply. At first I thought it was only at Baiduri, but as I get out of the bank, Qlap was almost dark beside the lights from cars.

Walk to my car and the first thing I thought is how to get out of Qlap knowing that the traffic lights will be off too! So I drove slowly and carefully knowing that there are so many ignorant and impatient driver in Brunei. Getting out from the Qlap traffic light was quite easy :) Then I head off to Gadong to pay my SCB Bill and hoping that there will be power supply!! NO POWER AT GADONG! But to my surprise, the SCB building in Gadong do have power! Knowing anything can happen, I just quickly pay off my SCB bills.

Now the next worry part. How to get out of Gadong and there are so many traffic light to pass through. As suspected, the traffic at cross junction heading to Tungku was in chaos! No police was there at that time. Cars are trying to squeeze in and there is even a car that broke down at that time! 15 mins later police came and control the traffic.

As I got home, total darkness and the elevator is not working! Have to use the stairs to get to my apartment. Good thing I have few LED lamp at home ..battery operated of course. Since I have nothing muc to do and good thing my laptop still have some power in it and also with the help of my mobile broadband. I am able to go online...yahoooo...but not for laptop battery only have 30mins left!

So this is how I look like in the dark! Scary eh!! hehehe

I wonder when will the power be back on! I heard it's going to be as worst as the January Flood!

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