Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Long Wait Have Arrived

After a long wait for my new toy...FINALLY it arrived yesterday and just can't get my hand off it...!!

I'm not sure how many people have own this but the Dell agent in Brunei told us that this is the first two set that they ordered in to Brunei. This computer is a DELL Studio One Touch 19". It's a touch screen computer. What make me decide to buy this computer is after the computer exhibition at The Mall where I saw an Asus touch screen computer. I was so tempted to buy at that time but after finding out it is just an Atom processor, that puts me off abit and there is a limit in touch function. Later in the office, my colleague told me that Dell have a touch screen computer as well! I look through and here you are! I OWN ONE!'s a fun computer ^_^

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