Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Worst Sickness Of The Year

I was really sick for the past 2 days. It's been awhile since I have such sickness. I had headache, sore throat, block nose and tired.

I went to see my GP and was given 4 different medication! 1 bottle of cough syrup, 1 packet of cold tablet, 1 packet of antibiotic for my throat infection and 1 packet of tablet for my headache and not forgetting a day sick leave :)

Went home and took all the medicine and within 30 mins i can feel the medication kicking in cos I suddenly felt so sleepy and went straight to bed! I think if there is a burglar entered the house, I won't know a thing!

Woke up and still feel very louzy and tired. After 4 hours of my first medication, i took the medicine again...and again, i felt sleepy and went straight to bed! I wonder what causes that...then I realise it's the cough medicine that make me so sleepy! That's why I didn't take any cough syrup this morning! I don't want fall asleep infront of the computer when I'm at work...hehe..

I still have the cold and sore throat. The headache is almost gone! I dun mind the cold and sore throat, just don't like headache!

I hope I will be fine in the next few days ^_^

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