Monday, 21 July 2008

My New Toy!

Had a wonderful time in Miri over the weekend. Went there with 2 other friends that I always go Miri with...well you can say Miri travel buddy! hehehe...

The journey to Miri was great. There was no queue at all..although there are still some other people who are so impatient and overtook us at the immigration.

After we checked in and leave our things in the hotel, we went out and look for a seafood restaurant. QUite surprise that there are few seafood restaurant in Miri. We went to a Halal seafood restaurant as my friends are Malay.

The food was really good. We ordered seafood taufu, clam and fish (kerapu) cook with Tom Yam. It took quite awhile for the food to arrive on our table but it's worth the wait. I would recommend it to anyone who likes seafood :)

The next day, our usual routine are shopping! I did manage to get a pair of trousers, shirt and few other stuffs! And later I went to the electronic shop and something really catches my eyes and it's really cheap! Without thinking much about it, I just took it and straight to the counter and pay for it! Here is the toy that I bought....

Do you know which toy I bought?

It was pouring cats and dogs when we were heading back to Brunei. Some motorist just don't care about their life while driving on a wet road! When I got home, my neighbour told me that there was an accident that happen in Limbang which took the lives of 3 Bruneian and 2 Singaporean who work for Ideal. And it was raining at that time when the accident happen. I haven't read the news yet but what I heard from my neighbour that the Singaporean was overtaking 6 cars in a row when the head collision happen!

So people, please do drive carefully especially during this wet weather.

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