Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Happening Sunday

It was quite a boring Sunday when me and my friends decide to do something rather than sitting at home and do nothing.

Then my friend remembers that there is a "Pesta Pantai" at Muara Beach. So we got ready and making our way there. While enjoying sitting as a passenger in my friend's car, I look at the sky and guess what, the sky turned dark and started to rain! But hey, there were so many activities happening on that we divert our venue to Tutong for the Agro-Fruit Festival ^_^.

We were listening to Kristal FM and DJ Dean was on air. He was asking the listener to sms him with the weather condition at where we are. So I sms and told him about the weather and also where are heading. He mentioned that on air. Then a listener text in to Kristal FM and asked where it is located! The funny thing is we do not know exactly the location where the Agro-Fruit Festival was held. So I sms back to DJ Dean and told him we are still finding it! Luckily there is a caller who knew where it was held. hehehe .. That really save our time from roaming around Tutong looking for it.

When we got in to Tutong town, there were many people flocking to the river side. We were wondering what is happening there and thought it might be boat race or something. We went down and YES, we were right, it was the boat racing final!

After spending almost an hour there, we then move to Pantai Seri Kenangan for the Agro-Fruit Festival. Quite a lot of people there too :) Didn't spent much time there but I did manage to get some keropok lekor :)

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