Thursday, 17 July 2008

Turn Back Time

I was browsing through my office computer and looking through the photos that I took during my trip to Sydney in April this year. And I come across few of the photos which I totally forgot to share with you.

The story is like this....

On my way back home from the airport, I was driving and talking with a colleague of mine who need me to send him home, I saw a flock of birds (don't know what it's call) flying from the Sg. Akar dump site. My colleague told me it's nothing new about it as he see it almost everyday. But what we find it interesting that day was, the birds were flying so low almost reaching the road. It was quite distracting and dangerous for motorist as they have to be careful not to knock the birds! One unique thing that I find it really interesting about this birds are that, they fly along the road as if they are driving on the road...hehehe... It will make a turn if there is a bend on the road! Amazing....Just look at the photos :)


Cynde Lou said...

That's amazing! I wonder why they fly so low? I've never seen anything like it. They aren't seagulls are they? It looks like they could be. I'm not even sure if you have seagulls where you are--do you?

Richard From Brunei said...

no..its not seagull...will try n get the name of the bird from my colleague :) i'm from brunei

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