Thursday, 24 July 2008

Accident at Limbang

From my previous post I did mentioned that my neighbour told me that there was an accident happen in Limbang. It was really sad to see and hear what had happen last Saturday where 3 Bruneian and 2 Singaporean who reside in Brunei died in a horrific accident in Limbang.

Yesterday, I heard from a friend saying that his colleague seen a video of the tragedy which was taken by someone. My friend describe to me that, it was sad to hear that the husband (injured Bruneian) kisses his wife on the face when the public pull her out from the wreckage. And I was told that while the body of the 2 injured females lied on the ground, a lady stranger came over and took off her jewelery and run off. Well, I told my friend that I won't believe it until I really see the video.

The next day I manage to get a copy of the video and I was really really shocked to see that what my friend told me was true! When I watch the video, I was kinda asking myself, who is that lady next to the injured woman. And I can't believe my eyes when I saw the lady taking off the jewelry off the injured woman and put it in her pocket!! Probably she didn't realise that someone is taking the video. Then she moved to the other injured woman and looking for jewelry! But instead, she took the injured man's mobile phone! It looks like that the injured man pass her the mobile knowing that she was trying to take off her jewelry!

I will not publish the video in here because of personal reason and respect to the men and women who have passed away. I did some screen capture from the video.


And here are some screen captured of the event when the lady steal the injured women jewelry!


I really find it disturbing to see what this idiot heartless woman have just done! I do hope this woman who stole the jewelry haunted by the men and women who have passed away from this horrific accident. May They Rest In Peace.


Anonymous said...

I suggest that this idiot female would be investigate by relevant authorities and punished accordingly.

YenVui said...

The Singaporean couple are someone I know. RIP, Mr & Mrs Toh.

Richard From Brunei said...

It's really sad to see the horrific accident.

teddy_kuma said...

If you really hate woman in the video who steal the jewelry...I tell you..she's an officer banker...can't you believe she's crying denied that she stole the thing in the police station BUT... video reveal anything she denied it!!! Stupid isn't she?

Just pray that she'll end up in Jail!!!

Richard From Brunei said...

WOW! Thanks for the info! I just can't believe that she dare to do such a thing to a dying person! She have no shame at all. I really do hope she get caught and punished! Is she from limbang or is she bruneian?

Anonymous said...

no, the man was not giving the hp to the her on purpose. the man was asking others to call [insert name] but then the stupid women grab the phone instead pretending she's gonna dial the no. for him. sheeesh...

Anonymous said...

idiot woman...she looks familiar..
how can she did it on d remain?OMG~!~

i'm quite confuse..all of them died??wat bout d man who kissed his wife??he died 2??
i read the news..stil got confused..coz he seemed 2 b OK in the video..

Richard From Brunei said...

Yeah...the man who kissed his wife pass away too. I heard that he pass away at RIPAS hospital. THe accident was probably around 3pm and ambulance came around 6! He might suffer internal injury and the long wait for the ambulance might have caused the internal injury worsen. Sigh...I really feel pity for the family! And for the idiot woman, I heard that she was caught but denied that she stole the stuffs!

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