Monday, 11 February 2008

5th Day of Chinese New Year's already the fifth day of Chinese New Year! This Golden Rat run really fast eh... I have been really busy entertaining visitors from first to third day of Chinese New Year.

For the past over 20 years, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year in Seria and Lumut. This year we celebrate Chinese New Year in Muara as my parents moved to Muara recently. It is much easier for my relatives to visit us though since 99% of them live in Brunei Muara district.

On the first day of CNY, my parents invited my mom's side of the family for our open house. My mom have 5 siblings and each of her siblings have children that can form a football team..which mean that they are my cousins! Most of my cousins are married and have their own children. Good thing they know about "FAMILY PLANNING" .. hehe.. Imagine how crowded the house can be and with children running around and shouting! It is fun though to have all of them here to chit chat and gossips...hehe

Second day of CNY are for my father's side of the family. On my father's side, he have 9 siblings and thank god they were educated with family planning..hehe... My uncles and aunties have probably 3 or 4 children only in a family. This side of the family is the quiet type..unlike my mom's side of the family...u can hear them from a kilometer away! Oppsss...did i just say that...Jgn marah ah..hehe

Third day of CNY was for my sis and bro-in-law friends and colleagues. I decide not to do any open house for myself as not many turn up last year and wasted so much food!

Yesterday, came down to KB to attend my brother's open house! Looking at the catering's food make me feel sick! It's almost the same food for the past few days! Didn't eat much though.

Stayed over in Seria as I have to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the Methanol Plant which was held this morning.

Saw few accidents along the way and manage to snap a photo involving 3 cars! Can't really see the dent though....


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