Monday, 18 February 2008

Back To Work - Tiring Weekend

Let me recap my trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 14 February 2008 till 17 February 2008.

I went to KK flying via RBA with few friends. This is my first time flying to KK and was told that it only took 20mins to get there although the ticket say 40mins! Sat on the plane and surprisingly the flight is full with noisy passengers! Tourists from a noisy country..hehe...

I think it was only 10mins on the air when it was announced that we have to return to our seat and put on our seat belts. I was laughing when I heard that cos never in my traveling life that it took so fast to get to another country.

KKIA is under renovation and it looks like it's gonna be big and look as good as KLIA.

Night 1

Check in to the hotel and just dump or stuffs on the floor and went out for dinner. Lapar kali ah..No food served on the plane..

Didn't do much really. Just walk around the shops nearby and head back to the hotel. Early night

Day 2

Woke up around 7ish and getting ready for breakfast ^_^. We went down to the hotel restaurant and take our breakfast. The food was ok and the service was good. Very friendly staffs.

After breakfast, we went round KK City. Went to the their shopping mall like Warisan Square, Centrepoint and Parksons. Manage to get a pendant for myself. I have my name in Chinese and a picture of tiger craft on the pendant. Looks really nice and only cost me RM20. That's all i get that day! Nothing to buy in KK!

Went back to the hotel around 4pm and went to the gym and swimming pool. Spend a good 1 hour over there when it start to rain!

Weather wasn't promising that night so we went to the nearest restaurant for dinner...KFC! Since the weather wasn't that good, we went to a bar and hang out till late.

Day 3

Woke up and the cloud was so dark and the windows are covered with raindrops! Our plan for that day was to travel to KK National Park and Porring Hot Spring but that have to cancel due to the wet weather! Can't do much that day as it rain from morning till around 6 I guess. It was really a boring day for us! Then later we decide to go to Karaoke bar and waste our time. We really wasted our time until 2am! hehehe...

Day 4

Did a last minute shopping for my mom...buying dried prawn. Before I left for KL, mom advise me to get the dried prawn at the KK market and must get those which is not reddish in colour as they put dye on it. Get those with natural prawn colour and should not cost more than RM35 per kg. Found a stall that sell for RM35.50 and it doesn't take me alot of energy to bargain as she offer me RM20 per kg! Apa lagi, I buy lah! Murah kali ah! hehe

Then around 3pm we head off to airport.

Overall, I sort of enjoy my trip least I can relax my mind.

I will upload some photo in here soon.

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apple said...

Wa siok ah went to KK... Also want to visit there one day. Glad you have enjoyed your trip and relaxed your mind :)

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