Monday, 14 January 2008

Shopping Spree Weekend

Chinese New Year is only less than a month away and you can see departmental stores and shops have decorated with beautiful decorations. I am looking forward what NBT will do this year! I bet there will be lots of running mouse around that area..hehe..By the way, this Chinese New Year we welcome the year of the RAT!

Anyway, I was in Miri with a couple of friends and our mission this time is to do some Chinese New year shopping. We went there on the Saturday. The queue at the Brunei immigration wasn't bad at all. Quite a long queue but it was moving fast.

Checked in to the hotel, put our stuffs down and then off to do some shopping! Our first destination was Bintang Plaza. When we got there, we can see cars queuing waiting for parking! Good thing I wasn't driving otherwise I will be frustrated. hehehehe..

One thing I find it funny is that, before Hari Raya, I will be seeing lots of Malay faces around the shopping area buying stuffs for Hari Raya. And this time, I hardly see any malay faces in Bintang Plaza. Lots of chinese looking for new shoes, cloths and so on. And not surprisingly, I met few of my Bruneian friends in Miri with the same intention. Miri has become one of the favourite destinations for Bruneian to do their shopping beside KK. I was a bit worried after knowing that there are so many bruneian cars that have been stolen in Miri. After Bintang Plaza, we went to Boulevard and some other shops.

Had a wonderful and tiring Shopping trip after a long nite on Saturday!

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