Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Human Peelinggggggggg...

Have you ever see snake changing it's skin? I am sure some of you did...BUT....do u ever see a human changes their skin? Well, I do know some one who shed like snakes! This person start shedding his skin at his young age of 12. The only part of the body that the skin shed are his palm and feet. Luckily, the other parts of the body doesn't shed...hehehe..

This normally happen in the month of June or July. During his school day, he will have difficulty holding a pen or even holding a glass. The skin become so dry that it start to crack and bleed. If the feet changes skin, it will start to sweat and smells! Yuck...imagine your socks are wet after school...

But as he grew older, the shedding of his skin gets better. It is not as bad as before. Few years back, he went to see a skin specialist and was advice not to use and eat some food. The things he can't use on his skin are those soap without any moisturiser. So he was advise to use Dove. The things he can't eat or have to control eating are alcohol and seafood especially squid.

Sometime he just ignore the doctor's advise cos if it not the "Season" to shed skin, no matter how much seafood he eat or even soak his hand with washing detergent, his skin will be in good health. He only control his food intake when he see signs of his skin peeling off.

Here is a look of his hand ....Not for the weak stomach...hehe..

It doesn't look that bad from the picture but you will feel disgusted when you see it in person.

Actually the person I am talking about is myself...hehehe...it's my hand and i'm the one who is peeling off...hehe

My skin doesn't shed that bad for the past few years but this year it is bad! One of the main reasons is that I was in Labuan few weeks ago and had too much seafood! I had seafood for lunch and dinner. And then more seafood a few days after labuan.. I just love my seafood especially squid!! hehehe... Well..as people say...No Pain No Gain!

Normally it will take few weeks for my skin to return to normal. I'm hoping it get better for Chinese New Year otherwise it will be embarassing to shake hand with people!

1 comment:

Apple said...

Ya I know the one who shed like a snake is... RICHARD!!! Hehe... Wa really so kesian la cos can't even hold a pen... also bleed some more. I never feel disgusted but just pity you la... Thank God it's getting better now. Don't worry, even if it's not getting better by CNY, I will still shake hands with you :p

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