Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Reach Out, Touch a Heart

Was listening to Pelangi FM yesterday while driving to the client's office. Heard DJ Alif on the radio and gave out a quiz question. The question is something like this ."Lagu artist Brunei boleh didengar melalui Cooltones. Betul atau Salah" Sounds like an easy question so i send sms to answer it. And after he finish playing a song, the winner was announced and it was ME! I was like laughing to myself. Thought that was an easy way to win a prize..hehe..

Well, I won a t-shirt in conjunction of the IM Charity for SMARTER

1 comment:

Pingko said...

Hey, that was an easy question le... Hehe... lucky also la cos there might be a lot of people sms to the station... So see you with that T-shirt then :)

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