Sunday, 20 January 2008

Looking For New Furniture?

Been out and about again today. It's quite a relaxing Sunday. Went to Beetle Bug and got a pair of shoes and sandals :) Chinese New Year is near, so I need new shoes..hehehe. Already bought my new shirt and trousers :) Probably need to get new underwear? hehehe

Then later me and two of my best friends went to au lait to have our afternoon tea. Spend almost an hour there and one of my friend suggest that we go to the new furniture shop in Kiulap called neometro. I think it was open a few days ago.

Went there and the furniture are really cool and modern. The furnitures are a bit pricey but it's worth of getting it if you want a modern looking living room. I bought myself a new 3 pcs single bed set. It come with quilt cover! Normally it cost alot or not easy to get a bed set with quilt. And guess what, it only cost $20.90 and later discounted for $1.

For those who just move to a new house or need a new furniture, you should go there and have a wonderful time browsing their stuffs! They do sell office furniture too!

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Pingko said...

Oh really! Ya must go and check it out... Thanks for updating me! :)

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