Wednesday, 9 January 2008

DST Prima "TEXT" Plan

Wow! DST is doing another good promotion lah! I was browsing through the net and saw this promotion! Didn't know it's been there since the New Year!

I was amazed with the offer and guess what...I sneak out from the office and went to the nearest DST Branch and upgrade it..hehehe...Hope my boss doesn't read my blog...hehe

It is an excellent plan for those who sms me!'s meant for Prima Extra and Prima Executive only. I used to have 2000mins and rarely reach 200 mins a month but I use lots of sms! So I think Prima Extra "Text" is essential for me ^_^

1 comment:

c5 said...

Oh really? I also dunno about it.. That's good cos I usually pay double for the sms... Hehe... Will also upgrade then. Thanks for the info :*

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