Saturday, 14 July 2007

Jalan Jalan Buang Boring

It's been almost a week that I have not been out of the house at night. Good thing i have friends who are willing to bring me out otherwise I will go GA GA staying at home.

Went to Hua Ho Bunut and did some shopping. Only been to Hua Ho Bunut twice I think and I do like to shop there. It's properly arranged and very spacious too. AND IT'S MID YEAR GRAND SALE TOO! So we lepak lepak there for awhile, window shopping as always. Went to the grocery corner and bought Maggi, some green vegetables and slice cheese (35% less fat)...ahem...(psstt...dun tell anyone..I'm on diet!!)

After shopping we went to London Kebab at Sengkurong...(there goes my diet plan!). When we are near to London Kebab, didn't realise that we have "Indian Town" in Brunei. hehe.. There are so many Indian or Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi here lepak lepak. And there is one Indian restaurant which is still open around 9pm and many Indian makan makan there and watch Hindi movie. It's really good for them to mingle around after a hard days work...Seriously they are very hard working people.

Anyway, we enjoy our food at London Kebab. By the way, there is another London Kebab at Berakas. They do serve very good kebab. I think the best in Brunei. Yummmmyyy...

Since the night is still young and before heading home, we have a drive around town to see the lighting decoration in conjunction of His Majestey 61st Birthday.

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Apple said...

Richard on diet?!? Hmm...first of all must let your sis know about it... She will be so... happy.
Haha... ai ya no need on diet la. You are not that big size le... :p
Hey, the fries remind me of Swensen's Hot U.S fries...Yummy!!! To me, it's the best in Brunei...
Anyway, have to enjoy life to the fullest while we still can, right? :)

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