Monday, 9 July 2007

Now You See It...Now You Don't!

Now you see it..Now you don't...Heard that phrase before? It's from one of the Oreo's biscuit advertisement. And lately, that happen to one of the service provider!

They do give great deal in free mins phone calls depending on which subcription plan you are on. Lots of free sms and MMS. And not forgetting very cheap GPRS charges. BUT...that doesn't mean their service should be below standard and pisses off their customers! They keep on upgrading their network but I do not see any improvement at all.

Lately, their GPRS seems to come and go! I get pissed off when that happen especially when someone is sending you MMS and trying so hard to retireve it. When I'm at the town area or Gadong, the GPRS works fine...but once i'm at home, it disappear. I call their 'HOTLINE' number...(sometime it take ages for them to answer)...and the lady on the phone say, can you hold on please. Honestly, when someone says that to me, I get really scared! It take them ages for them to return to the phone. Eventually she came back to the phone and give me a short answer.."We get signal here" got signal there..but i have no signal here! They can just give a silly answer and didn't even bother to assist you on what may cause the problem. But when I tell her that I have this problem for 2 days now and her answer again, "We have signal here and no problem over here!" I just hang up and don't bother to ask further.

I check with everyone at home and they don't have GPRS signal too. So what does that say about them?! Do I have to explain further?

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