Thursday, 19 July 2007

Morning Hullabaloo

Saw an accident while I was driving to work. It's at the Beribi roundabout and how am I not surprise if accident happen in this area! Somehow, the motorist in Brunei still doesn't know how to use the roundabout. Or probably they just an ignorant motorist, who are impatient to get to the other side faster without caring which side of the lane they should be driving. Really annoyed with this type of species!

Try and think for other people's safety. If you want to look cool or macho driving your fast car, please do not do it at the roundabout, do it somewhere where you will not hurt any other innocent people but yourself.

Here are the rules of HOW TO USE THE ROUNDABOUT!!

Click to enlarge

1 comment:

Apple said...

Yes, I also dislike people who doesn't know how to use the roundabout cos it's really dangerous for the other road users. Hey,I like the rules of using roundabout as attached. How about you forward this attachment so that we can have more responsible drivers out there... Hehe... :p

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