Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What Happen To The World ??!

Did you realise that the weather is getting weird lately?

I'm not talking about Brunei itself but also country like Myanmar which suffer a massive lost of live (past 22,000) due to Cyclone Nargis. And now China experience earthquake with magnitude of 7.8 which hit few provinces and lost over 10,000 lives!

On 11 May 2008, Brunei did experience a strong gale wind that hit most part of Brunei and causes lots of damages to houses, signboard and cars! My friend who live in Menglait sms me and say that there is a sudden strong wind and rain! After a min or so, it happen at my parents' place in Muara! The sky suddenly turn dark and you can see the trees swaying vigorously and leaves flying all over the place! I manage to take a short clip when it happen....

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