Friday, 23 May 2008

My New ......

Last weekend, me and my friends went to Miri for our occasional shopping spree :) The currency exchange was good. RM3.34 = B$1...but I heard it was RM3.39 a few days before that.

We stayed at Imperial Hotel and it was a really nice hotel! I will grade it 4/5 and the lack of 1 is due to the view! We have the view of their air cooler compressor for their hotel!! UGLY VIEW! Other than that..its perfect :)

On this trip I can't believe myself that I manage to get so many stuffs! On my last few trips, I hardly get anything except for buying unripe banana at E-Mart. I bought few nice shirts and trousers...but I do hope, I wont see anyone in Brunei wearing the same shirt! I have encountered few occasion that I saw people wearing the same short as mine! The most embarrassing moment was when me and my friends went for dinner at Dave's Deli and saw a guy wearing the same pattern shirt! That's why I prefer to buy my clothing outside Borneo Island :)

BUT the climax for that trip was I bought myself a new watch! It been awhile since I bought myself a watch! Due to the good exchange rate, the price for the watch is really good too :)

So that will be my watch for the next few years unless there are nice people out there who are willing to get me nice watch :) hehe

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