Thursday, 29 May 2008

Eggxplode Me Not

Did you read the newspaper last week on La Mee Restaurant regarding their newly created dish?! After reading what was written in the newspaper, I feel so tempted to try it since La Mee is one of my favourite restaurants.

So I went to La Mee today for my lunch. The first thing the waitress did was introducing me about their Eggxplode dish and she say it is one of the most popular ordered dish. I ordered Eggxplode with chicken and have my favourite Tec C Special ^_^

When the food arrive, it look very interesting that I totally forgot to take a picture of it. But I can tell you my first comment when the food arrived.

" smells like rojak!"

Basically the chicken are warp with eggs and slices of cucumber and pineapples on top of it. I dig in and pieces of chicken inside it with some black sauce. Looks yummyy....but as I started to chew and my tastebuds starts to work very hard and sending signal to my brain..... I find the food really really disappointing!

The black sauce is a bit salty and they fried the chicken and stuffs inside the egg which doesn't make the dish taste good at all. It is plain and doesn't taste anything special. The presentation of the food is good but unfortunately the taste of the food doesn't get certified by my tastebuds.

My rate for the food is 4/10

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