Wednesday, 16 May 2007

$$$ New Spectacles $$$

Since my conjunctivitis, I decide to wear less of contact lens and more on glasses. I wore my old spectacles and it's kinda blurry and gave me a crap day yesterday! I have headache and blurry vision the whole day.

Just after work, I went to the Optician (Vision Express) to get my eyes check. As usual I will look through all the spectacles frame and I must say...there are few nice ones! Then this nice beautiful filipino staff came to assists me. She told me that they have special offers! OOooooo..I just hate the words OFFER when you know you will have to spend quite alot for a spectacles! I can get a 2nd pair of spectacles FREE if I spend B$200 on the first one!

Damn Offers! It really tempt me! So I was sitting in the shop thinking, shall i get a new spectacles as my old is not in a good shape...hehe....That's what I think though..hehe..

Finally I decide to have a new one done and chose the frames that I want :). I have the expensive frame for my everyday wear and the other one as my sunglasses. Went for the eye test and GOD!! my eyesight is getting worst! My left eye is increase by 25 and right eye increase by 50! In total I paid $260 for both my spectacles. There goes my $$$$!!

It only take them an hour to complete both my spectacles. Fast eh! It's kinda weird to see myself with this new spectacles..but after awhile, it looks fine and as my friends say "WHY U LOOK SO CHINESE OH!!" It does make me look chinese with this new frame :) SO here is how I look now...

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