Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Camping at Belaban (Ulu Tutong)

After few days of ordeal from my sore eye, I manage to get out of the house and went camping. I went there with the same group of friends, John, Minah, Jospeh & Fanny (Newcomer).

John picked me up from home at 10.15am. We are meeting Joseph at one of the restaurant in Lamunin at 11am. When we arrive at Lamunin, Joseph called and say he will be late and will arrive by 11.30am. So we decide to have lunch while waiting for him. Joseph arrived a bit ealier and he bring a bird with him!! When I say bird, doesn't mean a real bird. To make it simple, Joseph brought a girl with him. He introduce Fanny to us and admit that she is his sister, which later we found out she isn't! She is too pretty to be Joseph's sister...hehe

We got to the camping site at 12.30pm. It was really hot that day! We have to carry our stuffs and walk for about 5 mins to the camping site! We set up the camp...bla bla bla..the usual things and then rest for a while. Suddenly we heard noises of moving object. Got a bit excited to see what it was and to our disappointment, there were 2 goats and a cow wandering around our camping site. We were expecting for some wild animals! Ah well.....Anyway, there is one of the goats that wasn't afraid of human at all. She will just come in and munch the grass and even try to steal our food!

We then went fishing..well me and Jospeh. The rest went to the river and cool themselves up. We didn't have a proper spot for fishing so we went into one of the local's boat (temuai) and do our fishing. No luck at all...there isn't any fish that eat our baits!! Good thing Joseph brought his Thai Net with him and manage to catch 6 small fishes..hehe..better than nothing!

During the night, we start up our camp fire. We had lamb chop BBQ and also sausages for dinner. We chit chatted all through the night and John had too much to drink! Good thing he didnt do any unwanted show since his trousers keep falling down on him..hehe...

We do not allow any conversation regarding work! It's meant for us to enjoy and getting out of the city and basically relax our mind and get drunk! We went to bed quite early as the rain start pouring heavily!

The night was quite cool and woke up at 3am to have my No.1. I can see all the bright stars in the sky which you can hardly see it when you are in the city! It was so beautiful.

Woke up around 6am and Minah is still asleep! Minah is John's amah. She suppose to do breakfast for us and she overslept. Minah is a lovely amah and have a very good sense of humour. How can we continue our camping without Minah..hehe.

Guess who appear while we have our breakfast! The goat!! She just came in start stuffing her face with grasses. We actually ignore her and without us knowing, she ate our food! We were a bit pissed off but laugh in the end as we look at the goat eating without bothering what's around her!

We left the camping site around 1 and then stop by few places to do some site seeing.

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