Sunday, 20 May 2007

Lazy Weekend

Nothing much happen for the past few days. It's a slow and boring week. Over the weekend, I didn't do much. My parents stay over at my place last thursday and went back to KB on Sunday.

Watched AF5 final and was so glad that MILA won the show and she is the FIRST FEMALE WINNER since AF started in 2003! She was amazing!

I bought a wireless security camera on Saturday! Well, my sis is getting a housemaid soon and we never trust the housemaid when they are still new! So decide to get the camera and video recorded her moves when we are not at home for work! For trial, I put the camera in the kitchen. My sis didnt know that i have install the camera and i caught her eating again(after having breakfast at her in-law's house) and walking around the kitchen cleaning the sink and so on..hehe..

It will be fun to see what the new housemaid will do when she work with us!!

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