Saturday, 9 August 2008

Firework at Serasa - A disappointment

Another firework shooting to the clear sky tonight at Serasa Beach in conjunction with His Majesty 62nd Birthday. The public were informed that the firework start at 8.30pm.

Firstly, we decide where is the best location to see the firework. We prefer not to go to the beach cos we know it will be fully packed. So we decide to go near the Ferry Terminal. Thinking that not many people will go there, we were shocked to see people have been parking their car along the road!

We went round to look for parking and eventually found one. We find a nice spot to see the firework and to take picture of the firework. We waited and waited and nothing can be seen on the sky except for few stars and half moon.

Time strike 8:30pm and nothing! Time strike 8:45pm and nothing!! Time strike 9:01pm and BOOM BOOM BOOM...we were looking around where the firework is and we can't see it properly as there is a building blocking it!! So we walk further up and manage to see wee bit of the firework!

Manage to snap few pictures as I wasn't impress with the location where I took the picture.

Going home is a nightmare!! People just cutting queue! Well, we do enjoy the firework although we hardly can see the beauty of it.

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