Friday, 8 August 2008


WOW!! What a lovely number isn't it? So what do you think that number represent? As far as I know the number 8 is a lucky number among the Chinese like me :)

But the most important event that will happen on 080808 is the Olympic which will be held in China today! It is said to be the biggest sports show on earth! More ironic is that the opening ceremony of the Olympic in China will be at 8pm. There are lots of eight used for this event! hehe.. Can't wait to watch the opening later!I'm sure there will be few love birds in Brunei who will miss the Olympic opening ceremony as they will be walking along the aisle for the start of their new life as husband and wife. According to the news that I read few weeks ago that most of the popular restaurant and hotel in Brunei are fully booked for their wedding ceremony. And there will be one couple that I heard that, their wedding will be on 08 08 08 and also start at 8 pm.

I will not be surprise if there are many chinese mother gave birth today!

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